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Tired of Content Writers Not Being Content Experts?

Maybe you currently buy blog content from a copywriting agency that uses freelance bloggers, but you haven’t been satisfied with the deliverables. The content that’s been written for your brand keeps missing the mark, resulting in multiple rounds of revisions and lost time.

The reason you hired a content writing services company in the first place was to take some content responsibilities off your plate, not add more.

Check out how seriously our team takes industry-specific content strategy with the following example we have implemented for our staffing and recruiting partners.

See Our Strategy for Staffing Firms

Your Industry is Highly Specialized

It’s essential that the copywriting agency that you hire is able to write – convincingly – as an extension of your brand. Our content writers are able to produce knowledgeable long-form content around any topic, no matter how complex, since we’ve had years of experience writing for most major industries, including:

Food and Beverage
Real Estate

How Can You Make Sure You Hire the Best Copywriting Agency?

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Outsourcing Content Creation ;

We Understand the Value of Your Content

The professional, in-house writers at our content writing services company understand the importance of authentic, factually correct content, and our 3-step process allows us to write for any industry:

1. Conduct thorough brand, industry and topical research

2. Create a comprehensive brand style guide for internal organization

3. Keep the channels of communication open with the client

Whether you need a 1,000-word article on the nuances of robot-assisted surgery or require a series of blog posts focused on vertical machinery centers (VMC), our expert writers can handle any content request. Your website content is a direct representation of your brand – don’t place something so important in the hands of a copywriting agency that simply isn’t equipped to write on your behalf.

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Virtucom Group has more than 15 years of experience as a content development agency. We've grown with the content writing industry and have the knowledge, talent and commitment to fuel your inbound marketing with rich, engaging content.

We know content outsourcing works, because we've built our reputation on it.

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