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Category content helps provide consumers context, and greatly improves organic traffic to your website from search engines.

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Category content takes a step back from individual products, instead creating an overview of one specific batch of products or services, also called a category or subcategory.

Creating Organized Category Information

Your website taxonomy determines a hierarchy for organizing items in ways that customers can easily understand and navigate. Category content provides engaging, informative lifestyle content on each of these pages that introduces consumers to the products contained in your assortment. This style of content is longer and more in-depth than standard product content, yet designed to be concise, easily understood and compelling to your visitors.

SEO Benefits of Category Content

Category content provides a unique opportunity for ecommerce sites to further enhance their SEO rankings outside of unique product content. Primarily, the usage of keyword and key phrase rich text elements, commonly used in search engines, is incorporated throughout. The intent is to utilize these terms organically in each category content description, resulting in additional unique content on your category pages, allowing search engines to crawl every layer of your website and find only unique content on each level.

In addition to the SEO value, including category content adds polish to your website, greeting customers in the voice that defines your brand and reinforces that identity on each step of the shopping journey.

Introduction to Your Product Assortment

Category content also provides a great opportunity to inform and educate your audience. While many visitors come to your site knowing exactly what they want and check out immediately, this is not the typical online shopping experience. Instead, many customers desire additional information before committing to a purchase. While not as in-depth as a buying guide, category content provides an introduction to the products in your assortment and a brief of the top features for each product type.

Including category content gives you an opportunity to help customers understand which products provide the solutions they seek and how the items in question fit into the context of their needs. Additionally, it's likely that your assortment is broad and diverse. Category content can shed light on all you have to offer and help direct shoppers to the categories and subcategories that are best suited to their interests.

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