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In the online channel, the need for differentiation with product content is more relevant than ever before.

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Give Your Customers All the Product Content They Need

With retailers pursuing deep, long-tail assortment strategies, drop-ship initiatives and marketplace configurations that all present thousands of apparently similar products together, the need to differentiate one product to the next without forcing the customer to determine what is unique is becoming increasingly important.

As assortment depth grows, retailers often place limitations on the amount of product information to feature on the product detail pages, often limiting display to only a description, image and in certain categories, a minimum number of product attributes to meet data requirements.

This approach fails to utilize important information and digital assets that truly influence purchasing behavior, information which is readily available on a manufacturer's website only a click away. This marketing gap not only fails to provide compelling product information and digital assets to the consumer, it also supports users' navigation away from your site to review materials readily available from the manufacturer, driving down key performance indicators such as conversion and attachment rates.

Take Advantage of Product Content and Digital Assets

While product detail page design restrictions may prevent truly capitalizing on available product information and digital assets, Virtucom has partnered with WebCollage which creates and distributes optimized A+ Pages designed to bypass the current PDP design and directly house the information and assets which would otherwise be unsupported on the PDP. For Amazon sellers, Virtucom operates directly in your Vendor Central account and creates A+ Pages in accordance with your design and brand preference.

Each WebCollage and Amazon A+ Page not only fully supports Virtucom's optimized product marketing content and specification data, the pages also display the product content in direct correlation to supporting digital assets - alternate product images and video demos - as well as making available user guides, installation instructions and the like for additional information for the consumer.

Reap the SEO Benefits of Product Content and Help Convert Browsers to Buyers

The use of Virtucom's content services in conjunction with WebCollage's and Amazon's A+ Pages not only provides the SEO optimization benefits supported by Virtucom content creation, they also combine the SEO relevance with additional digital assets that influence purchasing decisions and in turn, increase bottom line sales and customer brand loyalty, ensuring the products are found by search engines and preventing users from navigating to another site for more product information.

Virtucom works directly with each client to determine the appropriate templates to utilize, whether in WebCollage or directly in Amazon, and will further work through testing and revisions to ensure the optimized template configurations are created to exceed your expectations.

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