Offer More Value To Prospects With Ebook Writing Services

Add ebooks to your marketing writing services to generate leads, build authority and support your inbound marketing efforts

Did you know 65% of marketers count ebooks among their most frequently used marketing tactics? An ebook writing service can enhance your existing content with data-rich, long-form content that engages site visitors, generates leads and helps further establish your company as an industry-leading authority.

If your content development agency isn't using ebooks as part of your inbound marketing strategy, you're missing out.

Why Should You Invest in Ebook Writing Services?

It's critical that you provide a diverse roster of content that appeals to different stages of the buyer's journey and takes your buyer personas' needs into account. Not sure there's room in your marketing writing services budget for ebooks? Consider these facts:

Adding ebooks to the website content services you purchase provides another way to engage visitors when they arrive at your site and after they leave with high-quality, downloadable content.

Why Outsource Ebook Writing Services to a Copywriting Agency?

If you already buy articles and utilize a content development agency for other writing services, like 64% of your B2B industry peers, then you know how much value you receive from working with a content writing services company. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to outsource ebook writing:

  • Your team is already overtaxed with day-to-day responsibilities
  • You're not sure how to come up with ebook topics
  • You don't have a trained writer on staff and can't afford one
  • You don't have the resources to format an ebook

Working with a copywriting company eliminates these hassles to make ebook creation simple. And best of all, you don't have to manage the process from A to Z. Our copywriting service will take your ebook from brainstorming to publication with minimal oversight.

What Can You Expect from Virtucom Group's Ebook Writing Service?

Powerful lead generation. Some visitors may sign up for your mailing list because they like your blog content. Many won't. However, a greater number of visitors will complete a form if they believe you're offering valuable insight in the form of an ebook.

Greater brand authority. When prospects learn from you, your brand becomes a trusted voice in your industry. Including ebooks in the website content services you purchase gives you a greater opportunity to showcase your knowledge and unique perspectives, increasing the number of visitors who become leads, customers and eventually brand evangelists.

Quality content, quality strategy. Any copywriting agency can sell you an ebook. But as a content development agency, Virtucom Group can tailor each ebook to your ongoing content strategy by targeting brand personas and focusing on your company's specific marketing goals. Plus, all of our content is created by expert writers and reviewed by seasoned content editors to ensure the highest level of quality.

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