Understanding Your Website Content Services Needs

You've decided to outsource content creation and make Virtucom Group your content development agency. But how do you know how much content is right for you?

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Content Services for Any Level of Experience

Whether you're ready to buy blog content for the first time, or you're well-versed in partnering with content writing companies to buy SEO articles, we can shed a little light on how to determine what level of content will best serve your company.

Attribute Modeling

We're New to Content Marketing, but We Want to Buy Articles and Post Blogs.

You just finished a webinar about the evolution of inbound marketing. Your competitor is blogging once a week, but you struggle to create 10 posts a year.

At a minimum a beginner level should include:

  • 8 content pieces a month
  • Initial content consult if you are need help determining what to create

This amount is great for businesses that want to begin creating a content strategy and better understand the value of working with a content writing services company.


We Need to Buy Blog Articles to Get Ahead of the Competition and Get Smart About Strategy.

You know great content generates leads and drives conversion. It's just a question of keeping up with your industry peers and showing prospects why you're the right choice.

At a minimum an advanced level should include:

  • 12 content pieces per month
  • Initial content consult if you are need help determining what to create

This level of marketing writing services support consistent publishing at a faster pace. You'll also get expert content strategy updates to ensure your website content services deliver.


We Need a Versatile, Aggressive Content Strategy - We Can't Just Buy Articles Online.

Your competitors know how important it is to buy blog content that educates, entertains and engages potential customers. You know you can't be left behind.

At a minimum a premier level should include:

  • 20 content pieces per month
  • Initial content consult if you are need help determining what to create

Selecting this amount of content sets you apart from competitors who buy SEO articles piece by piece or rely on freelancers. It's the content you require informed by your evolving needs.


We Have a Great Marketing Strategy, but Need Diverse Content From Our Copywriting Agency.

You have strong ideas about how to power your inbound marketing campaigns and you understand that a variety of content is needed to do so.

At a minimum an ultimate level should include:

  • 5 content pieces per week
  • 2 ebooks per quarter
  • 2 social posts per week
  • Meta descriptions
  • Initial content consult if you are need help determining what to create

Buy an article? That won't cut it when you're diversifying your online content. This tier gets it all done with no added effort or resources from your team, and provides the strategy support you need to make a powerhouse marketing initiative even better.

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Outsourcing Content Creation ;

Content Writing Services For Websites Designed To Fit Your Brand

There's too much at stake to struggle with subpar content or a copywriting agency that can't scale to your needs and handle marketing writing services from start to finish. With more than 15 year of experience in the content writing industry, we have the talent and insight to deliver every time.

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