Why Our Content Editors Make Us Unique In The Content Writing Industry

If you're not serious about content editing, you need a content creation partner who is.

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When you buy articles and other website content services from Virtucom Group, you can expect each of your submitted orders to go through our standardized 5-point content creation process:

  • Topic identification and research
  • Content writing
  • Content editing
  • Content proofreading
  • Final quality assurance checks

While we take immense pride in each step involved in our content writing services, what really sets our copywriting agency apart from our competitors in the content writing industry is our formal editorial process.

The High Cost Of Typos In Business Blogs

According to a 2016 survey conducted by Orbit Media Studios, only 18.1% of bloggers reported using an editor, while only 5.4% of bloggers reported using more than 1 editor to review their content.

At Virtucom Group, content editors aren't optional add-ons - they're an essential part of every piece of content we create. Our rigorous 15-point proofreading checklist makes sure our content editors keep costly typos and other errors out of your copy, whether that's a blog post, a landing page or an article.

One misplaced comma or numeral in a product's listed price can have devastating financial impacts. An accidental typo can have serious legal consequences.

Even a single error in your web copy can lead to:

  • Ruined first impressions when prospective customers begin researching your brand
  • Lower Google rankings, since Google penalizes sloppy, error-laden content
  • Costly litigation

Copy errors have the power to kill credibility and destroy brand reputations.

If you're researching content outsourcing options in the content writing industry, it’s crucial that you choose a content development agency that has a documented editorial process.

Our content editors' attention to detail ensures your copy is factually accurate, grammatically correct and free of costly typos.

How can you make sure you hire the best copywriting agency? Download our ebook to guide the process.

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