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Expand your arsenal of marketing tools and revitalize your content creation strategy with Virtucom Group's library of landing pages.

Our collection of landing pages spans all across the realm of digital content, from buyer personas and the sales funnel to the importance of social media in the world of business. We're proud to serve as the Web's one-stop resource for perfecting your company's digital marketing content strategy and maximizing your content development ROI.

The Building Blocks of a Digital Content Strategy that Delivers

When it comes time to construct a blog strategy for your business, there's never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. But even though search engine algorithms continue to be updated periodically, there are several content strategy best practices that continue to stay true year after year.

  • Your website needs content. A website covering only your products or services is unlikely to stand out from the crowd. In fact, statistics show that companies who post 16 or more blog posts per month see 3.5 times the traffic of businesses who only post 0 to 4 monthly blogs.
  • You won't get by with any old content - it has to be great. A lot goes into an effective blog strategy. That includes error-free copy, creative use of multimedia content and relevant, engaging topics.
  • Search engine optimization is key. Chances are good that most of your traffic will come from Google. Because of this, it's important to make sure your blog is up to speed with current SEO best practices.

By delving into our landing pages, you'll learn the intricacies behind these ideas, along with other elements integral to a digital marketing content strategy that drives results.

Master Your Craft with Virtucom Group's Landing Pages

Eager to learn more about content marketing, SEO and more? Explore a few of our essential landing pages below.

Blog posts: Think your business blog is a waste of time? Fun fact: 47% of customers viewed 3-5 pieces of digital content before engaging with a sales rep. Here, you'll learn about why blog posts are a must-have in our digital age.

Articles: Discover how articles bolster your brand persona, whether by educating consumers or helping to identify your company as an industry authority.

Social media content: Social media is not only the public face of your brand, but also a clear opportunity to build consumer relationships and promote your blog content.

Landing pages: Does your business target a specific geographic location? Learn about the benefits of location-targeted landing pages, a key component of any geographically sensitive marketing plan.

Ebooks: The ideal outlet for in-depth, data-rich content, ebooks present another opportunity to position your company as an authority. Plus, they're essential to 65% of B2B marketing plans - why not yours, too?

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