How To Rank On Google And Increase Your Click-Through Rate

Google PageRank and other search algorithms can make or break your company's visibility online.

There are billions of pages on the Web. And in a seemingly infinite digital universe, it's easy for websites to virtually disappear if they're not optimized for search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ranking Higher on the Google SERP Should Be Your #1 Priority

When it comes to the Google SERP, the top spot receives nearly 33% of all clicks on average, while those on the second page get 1% or less of the traffic share. If none of your content is landing in the top 8-10 results, you'll see little to no organic traffic.

Fortunately, through frequent, regular blogging, updating your existing content and other SEO strategies, you can make Google PageRank and other search algorithms to take notice of your content.

SEO-Driven Content Can Improve Your Ranking on Google SERPs

What do frequent, consistent blog posts, strong backlinks, guest blogging and great content have in common? They're all a part of an effective SEO strategy. But they're not the only elements to influence SERP rankings. Other factors include:

  • Keywords
  • Content length
  • Image optimization
  • Recency of content updates
  • Outbound link quality
  • And more...

Learn How to Rank on Google

Reenergize your content marketing strategy and improve your Google page rank with the following SERP resources.

5 Great Tips To Optimize Your Business Blog For Google: Get your feet wet with these beginner guidelines for SEO, which include Google keyword ranking tips.

Compete For Keywords And Rank: 4 Smart Tips For Blog Content Writers: Want to know how to tell if a keyword is competitive, or how to find keywords with low competition and high volume? You'll find your answers here.

5 Great Reasons To Use A Blog Series To Drive Traffic To Your Sales Blogs: Learn how a blog series can drive traffic to your website and boost SEO.

3 Guest Blogging Benefits For Content Writers: Is guest blogging worth the extra effort? We say yes. Discover how writing for blogs that accept guest blogging can not only establish brand authority, but build strong backlinks.

8 Great Content Tips To Increase Backlinks To Your Sales Blog: Writing educational and original content gets you noticed. And when your top-notch articles get shared by other professionals, you'll reap the SEO benefits.

Because Google PageRank Rewards High-Quality Content, Buying Content Writing Services is a Smart Move

Publishing high-quality content on a consistent basis will boost your SERP rankings. Yet, you may not always have the time or resources to devote to writing new blog posts, landing pages and other content. Thankfully, Virtucom Group's content packages take away the burden of coming up with new, fresh ideas, as well as the time-consuming tasks of writing and content editing.

Are you ready to get started? Speak with a Virtucom Group professional content strategist to learn how creating SEO-friendly content can help your website rise to the top of the SERP.

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