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Virtucom Group creates original content for the world's largest e-commerce companies. All of our content is crafted by a dedicated team of expert writers and editors with the customer's brand in mind.

Continually growing and evolving product assortments, perpetually shifting user experience needs and the wonder of drop-ship capability are three solid reasons you need accurate, consistent, complete, smarter content — which is exactly what we do best at Virtucom Group.

Blog, Social, and General Content

Drive natural traffic to your site and establish your company as the industry authority with Virtucom Group blog and social content writing. Your customers use social media every day to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers, get news and - increasingly - connect with brands, products and services. By maintaining a continually refreshed blog, you not only create more robust site content to show up in search results more often, but also create a repository of blog content for use in sharing on your social media accounts.

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Category and Landing Page Content

First impressions are important, but you won't get a chance to make them if you're not in the first search results a consumer sees. Unique category and landing page content improves SERP, so it's easier for shoppers to find your offerings. Once they're at your site, content at the category and subcategory levels offers additional information on your products and services, and aids in the purchase decision, so customers receive a more engaging experience that minimizes the need for comparison browsing and promotes cross selling additional goods and services.

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A+ Pages

Looking for a turn-key content solution that is easy to maintain and uniquely portable? A+ pages are enhanced content packages that leverage a variety of content formats, including full descriptive feature copy, product tours and demos, 360 image views, video and image libraries, FAQs, and comparison charts. Through our partnership with Webcollage, we provide a variety of A+ page solutions that improve your customers' experience across a vast retail network, including Amazon, Walmart and other online marketplaces. Simply give us your product assets and we will create A+ pages that showcase your products in the best light, and provide your customers with all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, regardless of where they shop in your retail network.

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Buying Guides and White Papers

Building trust is key to earning brand loyalty. White papers and buying guides are a great tool for empowering customers with the knowledge they need to make the right purchase. Virtucom Group creates white paper and buying guides that utilize your brand's voice to deliver information at the level that's appropriate for your target audience, whether that's detailed data for tech-savvy shoppers or explanatory on a basic level to promote your services. From straightforward static guides to interactive tools, these content pieces can establish your site as an authoritative source of useful information on your products and services.

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When consumers enter your site, they are often single-mindedly in pursuit of a product, without much thought to the accessory items they will need with that product. It is our job to remind them of relevant accessories and related products they cannot live without. When we cross-sell your products in this manner, attachment rates and average order value (AOV) increase, making your numbers shine. Virtucom Group conducts cross-sell and up-sell assignments at both the product level and at the category level. Often rules can be defined based on category attribution, which supports systematic assignment of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. In short - we give your customer a reason to make more impulse decisions than ever, without even standing in a checkout lane.

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Editorial and Proofreading Services

Content can only work for you when it's error-free and written in the style that defines your brand. Virtucom Group's editing and proofreading services elevate your existing content by ensuring accuracy, proper grammar and spelling and consistency in terminology, units of measure and other formatting across all content records. Your customers notice the little things, and we help you look good, down to the last detail.

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Image and Video Services

Unique, optimized written content goes hand-in-hand with crisp, high-quality product images and videos that consumers look for when making a purchasing decision. Our digital asset team is dedicated to providing hi-resolution product images with built-in clipping paths for print, as well as clear colors, specific image colorization and accurate details that allow your products to shine on a desktop or mobile screen. We have developed a streamlined process that offers the specific type and quantity of images your site requires, such as primary, secondary, lifestyle and detail images, while still maintaining an optimal speed-to-market time for your products.

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