Who We Are

We're online publishers with the ability to combine creativity, technology and efficient process-driven workflows to deliver product content that maximizes conversion rates, minimizes return rates and increases customer satisfaction.

We're content specialists with a passion for increasing your online profits by leveraging our experience in hundreds of product categories and dozens of formats.

We're strategists with the proven ability to craft an online content strategy that delivers maximum results for online commerce.

We're technologists with an understanding of how web technology uses content to deliver the user experience and influence purchasing behavior.

These capabilities define what we areā€”the premier content services firm many of the nation's top multichannel retailers work with so they can focus on what they do best... merchandising.

Proven Results

Virtucom Group's customers demand maximum return on investment from their content dollars. From Best Buy and Magnolia to Barnes & Noble and Toys'R'Us, Virtucom Group is helping leading e-commerce companies maximize success in the online channel.

Why do e-commerce companies choose Virtucom Group to create and manage their online product content? E-commerce companies often engage Virtucom Group with a desire for a cost-effective solution to create large product catalogs quickly. As they measure the difference in conversion and attachment rates, they develop conclusive evidence that Virtucom Group's approach to complete, accurate, consistent and branded content pulls higher conversion rates.

E-commerce companies work with Virtucom Group to achieve higher conversion and attachment rates, lower return rates and more satisfied customers. And at the same time they continue to experience lower cost, faster time to market and uncompromising commitment to their brand.

With drop-ship and other deep assortment strategies becoming more popular among the big names of the online commerce world, many of the same products are featured on several web sites. It is now even more important for companies to differentiate product information to reflect their brand promise. Failure to do so forces e-commerce companies to compete on price alone.